Enterprise Architecture, Strategy, SOA

We, at CEdge, believe in technological innovation and implementation ideas with winning results. We will work with you to solve your modern day business problems by using advanced technology, creating an executable plan with actionable steps, and execute solutions that deliver efficiency, while ensuring value. Our Enterprise Architecture, Strategy and SOA solutions focus on Business Architecture, Technology Plan and Roadmap, Program and Project Management, Business Process Modeling and Reengineering, Business Activity Monitoring, and Business Rules Management (DODAF, TOGAF, Zachman Frameworks). We can help identify your organization’s technology gaps, risks, and determine how you can achieve your goal most effectively.

By identifying and analyzing your organization’s business, application, information, and technology perspectives, CEdge will be able to create a custom enterprise architecture solution that will help your organization adapt to the changing demands of today’s business world. This will happen by minimizing inefficient processes, maximizing the use of organizational assets, and improving any subsequent decision making process. Whether you are a government organization or a commercial enterprise, CEdge will use a comprehensive approach towards the analysis, design, planning, and implementation of strategy to put your organization on the path to success.